A Sunday filled with the best of music, fashion and art all under one roof? And right here, on home turf? Why wouldn’t you go!

So, what do you have in store for this Sunday? Okay! Before you go ahead and answer that, we enlighten you on an event that you may be overlooking, and you shouldn’t, believe us! The event is none other than Mumbai’s first ever monsoon festival, of course! Purple Rain festival presented by AFE and Rage Entertainment, takes place this Sunday on the 16th and is an experience no Mumbaikar should miss out on!

Purple Rain boasts off some stellar music, exquisite art and  really sassy fashion! Could there be anything better?

In case this wasn’t appealing enough, we list out 10 more reasons why you should attend the festival and make the best of your Sunday! Check them out:

1. Mumbai’s First-Ever Monsoon Festival

Credits: Glamour Journals

Now, these opportunities don’t come by daily, do they? Purple Rain brings to you an experience that we’d only dream of attending on home ground. It embraces the spirit of rain and encourages you to come out to the open grounds even though it’s monsoon and enjoy the good stuff!

2. Music By The Best Underground DJs

Credits: AFE

If you’ve been an avid party-monger you’d know just how difficult or expensive it is to catch a performance of your favourite DJ. Purple Rain does one better and brings them all to you, under one roof, and no the cost isn’t going to rip you off!

3. Show Off Your Rain Gear!

Credits: Pinterest

Got something quirky for the monsoons? Go ahead and flaunt it! Even if your idea is to go purple from head to toe, so be it. There’s no judging at this festival, just a whole lot of love and rain dancing!

4. Get Mesmerised By The Live Paintings

Credits: Corey Barksdale

It is said that the rain calms your senses in a way that you begin to take note of everything else in a broader sense. Could there be a better time to witness some spectacular art? Live paintings may not be an artform that is frequently seen; the experience ought to give you a good sense of culture-fulfillment!

5. Johnnie Ginger- Ginger Ale + Whisky, Serves As The Perfect Match!

Credits: Twitter

Few drinks top the list when it comes to monsoon preferences, but the combination of Johnnie Walker’s Red Label whisky and Ginger Ale works like a charm for the weather! And guess what, you could be sipping yours a day from now by the seaside!

6. It Is A Rain Party By The Beach!

Credits: Pinterest

Having the best of music, fashion and art all under one roof are just some perks of the festival. Do you know that Razzberry Rhinoceros is located on a pristine stretch of the Juhu Beach with a view unlike any other! So what say? How does dancing in the rain by the beach to some good music sound to you folks?

7. Get A Chance To Buy Art From The City’s Finest Upcoming Artists

Credits: LinkedIn

We all could do with some good art to liven the walls in our home or even as conversation starters when the guests come home! Only difference is you’ll get a chance to avail some of the best art by the most noticed upcoming artists in Mumbai!

8. WHY SUNDAY? Only Because It’s The Best Of Three Worlds, Of Course!

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Sundays are meant to be rejoiced, and should be a break from the mundane week. What better way to celebrate the weekend than attending the first ever monsoon festival of the city! 

9. Sass Up Your Style Quotient

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Get tips and buy some of the best designs, the fashion world has to offer courtesy of Anomaly By Anam, Haut De Gamme, Good Stuff and more!

10. You Don’t Have To Travel Abroad!

Credits: SAHM.org

Yes, that’s right! No more looking up those expensive tallies to music festivals abroad, when all that you’ll need is right here on home turf! If you’re anywhere near Juhu it’s a hop and skip away. The rest of Mumbai, well we know there’s no stopping the party animal in you! We’ll see you there for sure!

Well, how about that Sunday now? 


Venue: Razzberry Rhinoceros, Juhu

Date: 16th July, Sunday

Entry: Couples- Rs 1000 , Stags- Rs 700 , Girls- Rs 500

Entry valid till 6 pm/ Rights of admission reserved / *Club rules apply


Follow the event page here, for more details!