From massive production to art-installations, music and a specially curated theme, Shipsomnia sets the bar for cruise festivals.

Of the many cruise festivals out there, Shipsomnia sets itself apart for being a true celebration of the arts, creativity, and music among other things. Largely known for their out of the world production set-up, the oh-so-famous theme of the “Tale of the Kraken”, the world class music and the glorious seas it sails by, Shipsomnia is our pick for the journey through heaven, if there ever were dubbed one!

However, the cruise made the headlines recently, after an over-night Ibiza stopover kept locals awake till 8:30am. Sources go to to say that port authorities will now pursue ‘maximum possible’ fine for the ship.

Called the “Tomorrowland of the seas”, Shipsomnia puts competing festivals in a tough race as it soon finds itself in becoming one of the hottest festivals in demand. Started in 2016, Shipsomnia took off to a brilliant start with more than 70% of their tickets selling out in the first four days. This year marked the second edition of the festival and ended with quite the bang and  lot of stories to be told- the most notorious being how Ibiza couldn’t handle the reveling of the Shipsomniacs that went into the wee hours.

2017, turned out to be a grand edition of the festival and has been quite the rage among festival flockers. The cruise that voyaged through the Mediterranean Sea hitting up some of the most popular locales in Barcelona, Ibiza and Sête took place from June 14th to June 18th.

Shipsomnia prides itself in offering a unique festival experience on the sea that leaves attendees stunned, and this year was no different. 2000 attendees from over 45 countries, were welcomed aboard the cruise liner, Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas, to behold a sight so magnificent, it was hard to imagine where the line between earth ended, and heaven began.

Credits: Mad Fresh Events

Shipsomnia 2017 featured some of the most eye-catching set ups there is to see and boasted of no less than 5 artistic and elaborate stages, namely the Tentacles HallCoral Terrace, Mermaid Sanctuary, Toxic Room and the Shipwreck Theater.

The Tentacles Hall descriptively reached out with massive tentacles covering up the 10 story area-space aboard the ship-liner. The main stage located here, known as the Kraken Mainstage, featured a Kraken breaking through the ship’s floorboards, and covering most of the pool area. The head of the Kraken served as the spot from where headlining artists would conduct their business!

Credits: Rukpong Na Ubol

This year featured a stellar lineup of over 70 international acts including the likes of Ookay, Pendulum (DJ Set), Netsky, Mark Knight, Technasia, Todd Terry, Stanton Warriors, and Deborah De Luca, and more. The artists fostered the party atmosphere across all stages over the duration of the festival.

Credits: Shipsomnia

During its first stopover in Ibiza on the second day, the revelry moved out of the ship to transcend and explore all that Ibiza had to offer. With the ship docked for the entire day, Shipsomnia set off on a range of activities specially organised as part of the festival experience. The attendees were taken to Dalt Vila in the morning, followed by Cala Conte Beach, where the famous Sunset Ashram restaurant served as their stopover for lunch. Following a scrumptious meal, the troupe set off on a scenic hike to Es Vedra for a magnificent cliff side view.

The evening was reserved for an immersive experience at the Zoo Project featuring music of Octopus Records, that was brought to life by Sian, Toni Varga and Darren Emerson. 

“Our artistic production and original storyline is what makes us stand out from the crowd. There’s really nothing quite like it.  There’s something magical about being in an aquatic themed music festival in the middle of the ocean – it’s truly immersive.” –  Jay Slangen, Co-Founder and CCO.

After an active and crazy day out at Ibiza, revellers returned to the ship for the after dusk, pre dawn, SunRise of the Kraken party with Shiba San and Bellecoure (Tony Romera + Keeld). The festive spirit of the Shipsomniacs might have been a tad too much for the island dwellers of Ibiza, as after fervent complaints about the noise, by residents of the island, the town council slapped a hefty fine on the organisers of Shipsomnia and the incident became quite the talk of the town.

Following a night of extreme revelry and off-caution party raging, Shipsomnia docked into the coastal region of Sète, France where people were privy to witnessing the delightful and traditional “Jousting Tournaments” on boats that the town is so famous for.

To lay the cherry on top of the cake, it was only fitting that Shipsomnia have a grand finale to their festive year! The Shipsomnia Ball, the grand closing party that took place on June 17th gathered the partygoers, all dressed in aquatic themed costumes, owing to the theme of the party. From pirates and mermaids to Spongebob and Nemo, the attendees brought their best to the floor in an attempt to win  a free balcony cabin in the next edition and bragging rights to being crowned King and Queen of the Shipsomnia Ball. 

“We save the best for last and the Shipsomnia Ball is where we make the legends of the sea come to life!  It’s our signature costume ball closing party where our theme all comes together in an epic grande finale!” –  Jay Slangen, Co-Founder & CCO

And boy, was it an epic grand finale! Keeping with the theme of the Tale of the Kraken, the ball opened with an evil businessman, stilt walker handing out green glow sticks to the people, that symbolizes the toxic waste that was dumped into the ocean which spurned the growth of Kraken from a baby octopus into the giant feared beast.

Throughout the night a number of stilt walkers and giant props like the giant LED dancing squid seeped their way into the party to make it quite the carnival atmosphere. Musical highlights of the Shipsomnia Ball were Deborah De Luca, Netsky and a special surprise B2B2B set with Doorly and friends DJ Sneak, Doc Martin and even Todd Terry. 

The buzz for the 2018 edition of the festival is at an all time high, and you must grab your tickets at the earliest!

Pre-booking for 2018 can be done, here.