The 3 day multi-genre festival is set to pick up the pace and revive the festival culture in Goa.

With Sunburn and Supersonic making their exit from the Indian party-hub, owing to unfavoring government regulations, we must say things have been a little too drab in Goa! Well, all that is about to change now, because Goa is getting its newest and most exciting music festival in December! The festival is dubbed Time Out 72 Hours and rightly so- as the festival curates the best of music and all things festive, over three days on 27th, 28th and 29th of December at Vagator, Goa.


The debut of Time Out 72 Hours, will launch under the banner of Waterlemon Events LLP and Sudarshan Entertainment World. The festival is in its planning stage but is off to an auspicious start with the government giving it an official nod.
The festival will feature 3 main headliners with an international supermodel host to take you through the proceedings. The music is sure to be versatile in its taste with everything from pop to electronic to indie to rock, being the soundings through the festival. Apart from a great musical experience, fans will be able to indulge in outdoor activities, camping, after parties and flea markets.


Lineup and ticket details for the festival are expected to be announced in September.

With just a few months to go and the festival season bearing down on us, we cannot wait to see what Time Out 72 Hours has in store! Stay tuned for further updates!