Dababy has seen an exponential rise to fame and internet stardom, his songs blew a couple of years ago and since then he’s been on a roll. But this came crashing down when he decided to make some unfortunate and offensive comments at the Rolling Loud festival this year.


Dababy’s homophobic comments

Dababy’s homophobic comments got him a lot of backlash from the internet, many came after him and tried to cancel him, and at this point, his career is at the lowest point. Dua Lipa even threw some shade on him who was a collaborator with him on a big song. Dababy faces heavy criticism from fans and Dua Lipa!

So when he started rapping about his situation in a new song called Jail, it was pretty clear his manager will be upset. As the cancel culture is a big threat to big starts, Dababy’s management might want people to forget about his comments, and if Dababy raps about it now, it will only restart the debate.

So that’s the reason why the management was dropping Dababy’s verse on Kanye’s album. Kanye was keen on having his verse, and finally, after a long back and forth the song is now on the album.

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