Drake was scheduled to release his album at the start of this new decade i.e. January 2021, but citing some mixing and mastering issues he didn’t release the project. Certfied Lover Boy has a lot of hype behind it so Drake wanted to get it right and deliver the best project possible, so the next release window was to be July.

Certfied Lover Boy release date

Certfied Lover Boy release date is September 3 and this isn’t based on any theory or assumptions, this was announced on a big tv channel. Between a normal talk show on a sports channel, a glitch happened and a man was seen holding a sign that said CLB SEPTEMBER 3

This is Drake’s way of announcing the album as he knew if he announced a solid release date Kanye would drop DONDA on the same day. So if he made an unofficial release date and then didn’t drop no one would question him. But now that DONDA has been released, Drake can safely release his album.

Hence the new release date for Certfied Lover Biy is September 3, and that is et in stone now, if Drake decided to deviate from this one as well, fans would be really angry. Regardless of the controversy, CLB is going to be one of the biggest projects this year.

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