The pandemic is officially over in the USA, and the live concerts have resumed as per usual. The Rolling Loud festival is the highlight of the year, and Dababy was one of the biggest artists performing there this time around. But the comments he made on the day of the performance didn’t go down well with many of his fans. And Twitter was raging with criticism about Dababy’s comments. Even his recent collaborator, Dua Lipa, criticized him!

Dababy makes homophobic comments during his Rolling Loud set!

Dababy made some really disgusting remarks about the people who have AIDS/HIV and literally made fun of them for having the disease as if it was their fault they had the disease. He even made fun o the people suffering from STDs and also the gay people for some reason.

Dababy put out clarification on Twitter and Instagram, but it felt like it wasn’t true, and his tweet just tried to take away the blame from him as he tried to involve the #BLM movement into it for some reason.

Dua Lipa and Dababy recently worked together on a superhit song together. Therefore Dua Lipa was shocked when she heard their comments made by him. She put this out on her Instagram.

Was Dababy right in putting out such disgusting comments, or he said all of that in the heat of the moment, no one knows, but this has seriously hampered his reputation!

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