Emily Culhane’s boss gave her an ultimatum and the young waitress chose to attend a music festival and lose her job.

Emily Culhane purchased a 220 euro ticket to Electric Picnic festival in County Laois, Ireland, which is not an insignificant amount for a college graduate working as a waitress. She had forked out for it and obviously looked forward to the three-day festival.

Via: thejournal.ie

Via: thejournal.ie

The waitress’s boss however, couldn’t grant her a leave and gave Emily an ultimatum – if Culhane chose to attend the festival, she wouldn’t have a job to return to. Whenever Emily breached the subject of taking leave for the festival, her boss responded stoically with: ‘If you cared about your job, you’d sell your Electric Picnic ticket.’

This panicked Emily thoroughly, but she wouldn’t sell her ticket. Emily went through with her plan and received the following email from her boss, which she shared on social media later and received viral attention.

What’s most beguiling about this incident is the fact that Culhane claims to have received several job offers in response to her story including one at the Library Bar in Limerick after the sympathetic owner, Paul O’Brien heard her story. Paul said he was going to the festival himself and understood Miss Culhane’s predicament,There is a job for her [behind the bar] when she comes back from Electric Picnic. Hopefully she comes back healthy.’

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