After Las Vegas, Belgium and Leeds, Breezer Soundhike will be hitting the sunny sands of Spain, and we’re excited enough to have a wishlist ready for you!

Breezer Soundhike has been dedicated to being the ultimate travel champions, having chosen a lucky few winners every month to go on an all-expenses paid trip to a select destination. The first month saw them take a few chosen people to the ultimate party city in the world – Las Vegas; the second had them take a few to the culturally modern city of Belgium; and the third witnessed a true British ride, with them taking a lucky few to the English city of Leeds. For the coming month, Breezer Soundhike has dropped its upcoming destination, which is the sunny expanse of Spain, so what can we expect?


That Breezer Soundhike involves a well-rounded experience in its every edition is well known. But it is known to squeeze in a unique festival experience that the country or city it’s heading to is well known for. Las Vegas winners had a taste of the Electric Daisy Carnival, Belgium tourists had a run for the famous Tomorrowland, and the ones that went to Leeds, took a shot at the Leeds Festival. So The Sherp has rounded up the various cultural festivities that could be a part of Breezer Soundhike’s Spanish schedule!

Ibiza Closing Parties

The Ibiza Closing Parties are the grandest party events to happen in Spain, which bring together three things that makes partying in Spain worth it. The sea, the sand, and some great music. Considering Breezer Soundhike dropped hints like ‘sun, sand and Spain’, The Sherp thinks that the Ibiza Closing Parties would definitely be on the list.

Ibiza is legitimately Spain’s ‘party island’, featuring round the year dance music events, but of them the Closing Parties, that are the last send off to the festival season, are the ones most looked forward to. Electronic music, DJ’s, dance, parties and fashion dominate the circuit, as parties go on from the second week of September to the first week of October, with the parties scheduled in a manner that each offers a diverse and unique experience.

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The beach of Cala Tarida

Festa de la Mercè, Barcelona

The Festival of Mercy, or Festa de la Mercè is one of Spain’s most important cultural celebrations. It is an annual festival dedicated to celebrating the Roman Catholic feast day of Our Lady of Mercy. But in Barcelona, it’s a buoyant cultural spectacle spanning 6-days of revelry, marked by street parades and other celebrations. But what makes the festival famous all over the world is the event of Correfoc, where people dress up as devils, replete with horns and participate under a wonderful fire show. It’s a hypnotic spectacle that immerses you into traditional Spanish culture that you’d be lucky witnessing!

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Rioja Wine Harvest Festival

Experience one week of the ultimate vineyard experience – right from the first harvest to the traditional crushing of the grape fruit. All this, while you enjoy the scenic location, music, and some delicious food and wine tasting. The Spanish spectacle of bull-fighting is also an attraction in the festival where men in their traditional garb offer the first harvest to La Rioja’s Patron Saint.

Which festival do you hope it will be? Stay tuned to the Breezer Soundhike page for the confirmation, and for the reminder to take part in a bid to win a free holiday to Spain.