Europe’s music festivals have the complete package and we’ll show you why!

You can’t deny the fact that Europe has some of the most spectacular locations with a list of vibrant cities known for their museums, shops, restaurants, nightlife, recreation and architecture. These combined with some of the most incredible music from around the world placed in one magical venue we’d like to call home. Check out the ultimate Euro festivals that should be on your bucket list:

1. Bukta Open Air Festival – Norway


The annual outdoor rock music festival held in Tromsø is taking place this summer on the 20th of July for two days with the magnificent Alice Cooper headlining the festival’s 2017 edition. The location is breathtaking with trees and mountains overlooking the beach side venue and during the month, the sun doesn’t set on Tromsø! So it’s a party all day long! Unique AF.

2. Bout du Monde Festival – France


Festival du Bout du Monde has been taking place consistently in Crozon with a crowd that is as cosmopolitan as it comes! It is placed in the heart of the beautiful Parc Naturel Régional d’Armorique overlooking the Breton coastline. World music takes center stage here every August and this year there’s no exception! See the line-up here.

3. Soundwave Festival – Croatia


London’s prominent promoter Soundcrash organizes this beaut along with Noah Ball of Outlook & Dimensions Festivals, for this scenic festival along the Croatian coastline. The described “European boutique” festival has a number of fans coming back each year in larger numbers. At times, even before the line-up in announced! You’ll have a chance to look at the entire line-up here for 2017! Combine this with an extended stay and you’ll have the time of your life!

4. Iceland Airwaves

Credits: Scandinavia Standard

The festival is going strong since 1999 and we can see why! The best weekend festival in Iceland is surrounded by good music from Icelandic natives and international favourites, coupled up with some fun and a whole new group of people everyday! Check out their amazing new music attraction this year to increase the urge to get there now!

5. Roskilde Festival – Denmark


The festival is an international cultural event that offers experiences based on kinship and modern music. The focus is placed on the efforts of unpaid workers who focus on all aspects of audience service, quality, creativity and safety with all the festival profits going to humanitarian and cultural work. Their importance on environmental issues, humanitarian causes and cultural work, helps people reflect on the current on goings of the world. Inspirational and beautiful from its core.