Get to know the progressive sludge metal headbangers from Mumbai!

Founded in 2011, Midhaven has had one hell of a ride since their conception all those years ago. Signing with Universal Music in 2013, the band is currently working on their second album to be released through the same.

Credit: Neel

Lead singer Karan Kaul always had a particular interest in astronomy. The word ‘Midheaven’ is used in both astronomy and astrology, with its meaning being the local zenith point of a heavenly body directly above the observer. The band’s name, ‘Midhaven’ is a twist on everyone’s local zenith point. “It just made sense that I name something I’ve created through a constant form of creation.” quotes Kaul.

Credit: Courtesy of the Artist

Growing up in an overtly musical background, music chose these boys just as much as they chose it. Having been an active band for over six years now, the boys’ music is definitely not for the faint of heart. Their sound ranges from harsh, and sometimes operatic vocals and intense guitar riffs in songs like “Fall Of Olympus” and “Third Eye” to a softer, more laid-back sound on other tracks on their album, ‘Spellbound’.

Listen to their track Seeking The Divine here!

Speaking of his preference of genre, frontman Karan Kaul says, “I’m quite comfortable working within Metal and its limits but the country I live in and the society I’m a part of continues to inspire me to write beyond the walls of Rock, Metal and the new age of pointless music in our current shadow of a world. There’s a song everywhere, even in the scorching heat and humid traffic of Mumbai.”

Credit: Neel

Being a musician in India can be rough, and Midhaven has had its share of struggles and hard times. Regardless, they have done rather well for themselves, signing with Universal Music early on in their careers and even being nominated for the Best Metal Act for the Vh1 Soundnation Awards. Their advice to budding musicians is to just go with their gut feeling. “Intuition is key when it comes to creation,” says Kaul.

Credit: Neel

Inspired by bands like Mastodon, Gojira, and Soulfly, Midhaven strives to create a sound that represents their love for music and self-expression. Midhaven is comprised of a bunch of goofy guys who’ve dedicated their lives to the band and its music. They also happen to be the youngest Metal band in Asia Pacific to have been picked up by a major label.

Watch their music video for Fall Of Olympus here!

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