Pokemon Legends Arceus was announced almost 2 months ago, and it is going to be the first pokemon game with an open-world setting. The fans of the game have been patiently waiting for news regarding this game since the announcement but no news has come out as of yet.

But a new pokemon game, Pokemon Snap was released a few weeks ago and it has all the pokemon fans excited for the future of the games!

Pokemon Legends will the best game ever if

Pokemon snap showcased just how great a world can look if it had pokemon in it. The game is based on clicking photos of Pokemon in their natural habitat. Due to this the pokemon have tons of animations making them feel more real than ever!

I mean just watching the gameplay will give goosebumps to any poker fan. But how does it make legends Arceus good?

Well, we know game freak has tendencies to use the same animations and models across games, so if they have animation of every pokemon already ready, thanks to pokemon snap, they can just use them in the legends arceus game. Not only will the world feel more alive, but the childhood dreams of every pokemon fan will be fulfilled!

The technical details aren’t clear though, it can go either way. The trailer for legends Arceus showed us an open world, but it was dull and the pokemon were really weird, their animation was choppy. Let’s just hope game freak comes through and gives us the best Pokemon game ever!

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