Ancient Greece was arguably one of the most advanced ancient civilizations. They had philosophy, science, sports, and democracy thousands of years ago.

It would be great if we get to experience this ancient mystical world ourselves, but as time machines are not available yet, the only way we can experience ancient Greece is by playing games set in that time period.

We will be including games on all platforms and most of the games aren’t historically accurate but regardless of that, they are really fun to play.

Top 3 games based on ancient Greece

Assassins Creed: Odyssey

Write your own story in Assassin’s creeds odyssey, an open-world game set in ancient Greece, where your decisions shape history. The game has received great reviews from players and critics as well.

It is a must-play for every gamer who loves open world games.

Titan Quest

The Titans have escaped their eternal prisons and are wreaking havoc. The gods are in search of a hero who can turn the tide in their favor. Do you have what it takes to be a titan killer?

The game is created by the co-creator of the age of empires game, so you know what high standards this game must-have. Titan quest is set across various locations including ancient Greece, Egypt, and India.

God Of War Series

The god of war series has seen massive success since its inception. It has been on the receiving end of many awards, and every time a new god of war comes out, fans go crazy over it.

The game is based on Greek mythology and follows the story of Kratos who is on the quest of killing Gods.

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