Platformer games have been the staple of the Nintendo gaming console, and the genre has seen its rise in the mobile gaming scene as well. There are many breathtaking games available on the playstore in this genre but we picked the top 3 which we thought represented the genre best.

All of the games mentioned on the list boast great graphics with creative mechanics and action-packed gameplay!

Platformer games available on mobile

Big Hunter

Your tribe is plagued by monstrous creatures who keep destroying your property and causing harm to your men. So you have decided to take up arms against these foul creatures. If that description sounds interesting to you, you’d love big hunter.

It is a great platformer game that has great graphics combined with creative and fresh gameplay controls. There are many creatures to kill, so you’ll never get bored.

Dragon Hills 2

Dragon Hills 2 is the embodiment of fast-paced action-packed platformer games. It has taken a unique approach to the platformer genre by introducing various mech-dragons.

The gameplay is crazy, to say the least, there is so much happening on the screen. Contro your mecha-dragon and kill the zombies!

Dragon Boom

Dragon Boom is another platformer involving a dragon, but this time a small and cute one. But this baby dragon packs a punch, it can spit fireballs and pillage villages at will. The mechanics are so great that you’d get addicted to the game!

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