FPS or first-person shooter games have come a long way on mobile devices. The games are on par with their PC counterparts and some of them even exceed some old FPS games.

So we decided to make a list of the game which are similar or better than PUBG and can run on mobile devices, both Android, and IOS.

Best FPS mobile games

Fire Strike Online

Fire strike online is a team deathmatch game where you choose between two sides, viz – terrorists and anti-terrorists. The game has similar features which Counter-Strike has.

There are multiple maps available to be played and there is also a wide range of weapons available at your disposal. The graphics and controls of the game are decent. What else would you want from a free game?

COD: Mobile (FPS)

Call of duty is a name synonymous with great FPS games. There are multiple COD titles available on consoles and PCs. And they have successfully infiltrated the ever-growing mobile gaming space.

The graphics are the best on mobile and the controls are great too. The game has a number of modes that you can choose from along with a wide range of maps, skins, and costumes. Mobile gaming can’t get better than this.

Ghosts of war

Are you tired of playing with the same SMGs and rifles, do you want a different experience that COD or PUBG don’t allow you? Then ghosts f war is the game you’ve been looking for. The game is set in the WW2 era where the European continent is at war!

you can pledge your allegiance to any one country you want, play as the allies or the axis, it doesn’t really matter because the gameplay and graphics are so great.

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