The nether update completed overhauled the nether biome and the new caves and cliffs update is doing the same with the overworld. Now, this begs the question, is there a new end update being planned? The speculation caught more steam when the warden mob was introduced resembling the end dimension texture and color palette.

Besides that, there are many mods that have an end update already in them. Endergetic expansion being one of them.

Endergetic Expansion

The mod adds new biomes, trees, items, and mobs to the game. The mod is really high-quality and feels like vanilla Minecraft and not some modded add-on.

The Poise forests are the only biome that gets added to the game. The poise biome contains purple trees and these trees give us various woodblocks. One unique feature of this tree is that its leaves, called clusters, push back any entity that comes in its contact

The music in this mod suits the end dimension well and the various end blocks get an update too. The flames are changed with an even more cooler-looking purple flame.

Puffbugs and Booflo are the mobs which this mod adds. The puffbug is an ambient mob that floats around in the poise forest building its nests. The puffbug has unique pollinating abilities which are useful in this mod.

The booflo is an interesting mob, it is hostile to players but can be tamed. Once tamed you can ride it, the booflo can run and glide giving the player a fun experience.

There are various other items in the Endergetic Expansion which we think you should explore and find on your own. This mod can be what the end update looks like, till then you can keep yourself busy by playing this.

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