While everyone focuses on the disaster, the TomorrowWorld Aftermovie showcases the best moments of 2015 with indications of more to come.

The TomorrowWorld debacle last year brought their parent company SFX crashing down with huge losses. SFX Entertainment had to file for bankruptcy and, after a restructuring deal with the investors, now plan to auction off Beatport. After much debate, earlier this month TomorrowWorld issued a statement and a video saying that this year’s edition was officially cancelled.

Now TomorrowWorld has selectively picked out the best moments of 2015 and released an aftermovie. The aftermovie starts with the narrator saying, “Beautiful people of tomorrow, thank you for showing your love!” It features sets from some of the popular acts last year such as Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren and DJ Snake.

The most significant bit in the video is however near the end when the narrator says, “The key unlocked true happiness, and is now carried to its next destination where it will show its true power once again.” This could potentially mean a number of things such as a promise for more TomorrowWorld festivals, TomorrowWorld being relocated or even a brand new festival! This is of course all just speculation with no definitive announcement yet, but we hope organizers will soon come forward with an explanation and put our minds at ease.

What do you think will be the fate of ‘The Key To Happiness’ ? Let us know!