The new Rubber Chuck Taylors will keep your feet protected and comfortable while you dance and jump around.

Converse just introduced a collection featuring a collaboration of the Chuck Taylor and Rubber Low Top style. These sneakers are rugged and down to get dirty with built in water repellent, incorporating both the classic Chuck Taylor look and the durability of the Rubber Low Top.

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The shoes are built out of the signature canvas fabric on the back with a rubber top and a gusseted tongue allowing for protection from rain and puddles. A new addition is a molded EVA sock liner for extra comfort while trekking, long walks or in our case, raving at a festival. The sock liner can also be removed and chucked into the washer to clean. Combining both fashion and functionality, this might be a smart addition to your festival wardrobe.

The collection is offered in bold, monochromatic, all-over colors of red, parchment, yellow and black – tongue, eyelet, laces, logos, everything and will be in stores starting Thursday.