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Knockouts, punches and takedowns are usually done by professional martial artists under extreme caution. But, when common people start fights, they kiss caution goodbye, and the results are pretty hilarious! It gets even better when you’re at a festival and under the influence.

The Sherp has listed 10 such videos to make your day better. Watch as these people make fools out of themselves at festivals by trying to inflict harm!

1. Never look for a fight you can’t win. Especially if you’re in an inebriated state.

2. There’s always that one berserk guy who takes everyone down. Watch this video from Electric Zoo, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

3. When it involves the cops, you know some serious shit is going down!

4. Higher Grounds? Definitely not in terms of respect or peace!

5. When you’re at a fight and a track named C’mon! plays, the brawl becomes 2x more fun!

6. But it’s 10x more depressing when there’s country music in the background!


8. When kids learn the ropes of picking a fight at music festivals.

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