In an almost-predictable yet disheartening announcement, TomorrowWorld took to their Facebook page to announce that the 2016 edition of the mega-festival would not take place at all. Organizers have persuaded people to look forward to the 2017 edition.

It makes sense that TomorrowWorld won’t happen this year; parent company SFX has been going through a rigorous round of restructuring to save itself from bankruptcy, and the previous edition was a complete disaster in terms of management, location and weather. Festival-goers were extremely pissed at last year’s event.



The Sherp warned you about this almost a month ago. Our article here speculated the cancellation of the festival because of SFX’s various problems and the 2015 fiasco.

Given below is the Facebook video that shows multiple gems locked up in a treasure chest, and a message pops up towards the end that says, “Lock and cherish all the magnificent memories in our hearts, this is not farewell.”

With too much going against SFX Entertainment and TomorrowWorld, we can only hope for a miracle to save these two entities from drowning further.