Mysteryland will venture into American soil for the second year in a row this weekend, and the Sherp has put together a set of directives for New York’s eagerly awaited Memorial Day gathering.


Since 1994, Mysteryland has been a multisensory festival that draws creative, electronic-music-loving tastemakers from around the world. The festival sets up camp on beautiful grounds around the globe – from the lush green fields of Holland to the mountainous town of Picarquín, Chile. It heads to the home of the legendary ’69 Woodstock – Bethel Woods, New York for a second year running, and here’s are some short guidelines to prep you for the festival:

Mysteryland will be cashless this year too


Mysteryland is a 99% cashless festival. The official currency of Mysteryland is the Birdie Buck. .  A few select vendors and the merchandise tent will accept cash and credit cards as well as Birdie Bucks. To get a head start on partying, register and top up your bracelet before arriving to the festival site. If you top up $100 before midnight on Thursday, May 21st you will receive bonus Birdie Bucks to spend.

Sorry kids, there’s an age restriction 


You must be 21+ and you must have a valid photo ID in the form of a government issued ID, driver’s license, or passport. Mysteryland USA is here to stay, so don’t be disheartened yet.

Download the official Mysteryland App


Can’t find your way around the festival? Lost track of which stage your favorite artists is playing at? Arm yourself with the official Mysteryland USA app to view set times, catch a glimpse of the festival map, capture photos enhanced with special MLUSA filters, and other cool niceties. You can even top up your wristband through the app. Download it here – Android/iPhone.

Climate heads up


Even though its warm and lovely during the day, it can get chilly at night. Spring time weather in upstate New York changes at the flip of a coin. A rain jacket is always a smart move at music festivals and for this one in particular. Please be sure you have enough layers to stay warm in the evening; but don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses for during the day as we hope to see the sun shining daily. Campers – carry enough blankets to help you withstand the night chill.

Camping port-a-loos


One of the most vital requirements of a good campsite is a hygienic space to spend some time alone. Incredibly sterilized restroom and shower units have been deployed on the Holy Grounds – including ADA accessible bathrooms and showers.  It’s gonna cost you though – 2.5 Birdie Bucks per shower.   

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Apart from all this, the festival has stationed out a number of spots to fulfil your every requirement – Shuttles, Will Calls, Lost and Found booths, Mini markets, friend finders etc. The Sherp will be there in the midst of all the action this year, and having already seen what Mysteryland is all about – we recommend you hit this one up if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience.

(All Images Courtesy: Mysteryland Facebook Page)