Come with your ∆ game.

The Sherp gives you the lowdown, on the much anticipated EmergeWithAltJ. Here’s all you will see, hear and feel.

1. The music, of course

Ever since their first tour to India this year, the name Alt-J has been at the tip of everyone tongues which made it only better when they announced their second tour to happen this May. By now, you are all aware of the awesomeness that is the band, in all their folktronica glory and we’re all just so ecstatic they’re back so soon.

Also, lets not forget the fantastic bands/artistes that will be opening for the British trio. Prateek Kuhad, Voctronica, Advaita and Colour Compound will most definitely add to the vibe.


2. The art and artists
Make sure to fill your pockets with enough money so that you can actually buy the art, almost all the art work you see will be up on sale.
The artists whose work will be on display :
1. Sumedha Sah, an illustrator with an innate love for nature, a strong desire to travel and to draw her way through the world with roots that lie in Nainital, Sumedha is now based out of Mumbai..
2. Kunal Bhatia, a photographer, Kunal Bhatia specializes in architectural & travel photography along with travel & design writing.
3. Madhuvanti Mohan, a digital illustrator, creates quirky, funky illustrations and doodles on equally quirky & different products!
4. Nihareikka Lohia, whose work clearly illustrates the human struggle with ones self, overcoming of demons in the mind as well out in the universe.
5. Pranjal Sah (Delhi), a photographer, Three Siblings Photography
6. Charbak Dipta (Delhi), an illustrator, cartoonist and proud Bengali
All the art at the festival has been curated by Cupick.

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3. A special book drive

Bringing something new and interest to the scene, Emerge will feature a book drive where you will get a the chance to get your hands on some new reading material. Like we mentioned earlier, come loaded with cash!


4. The Schedule

The schedules and timings for both cities are out, so plan your day accordingly! Also, indoor venues just in case some of unexpected rain.


5. A contest for the biggest Alt-J fans out there

Winning this contest, (that will take place at the venue, so make sure to get there on time) will get you the chance to follow the band on one of their European tours. Pretty neat, eh? So read up, research and by-heart every alt-j lyric you know. This contest definitely needs your ∆ game.




It’s not to late to buy your tickets, guys.