The sherp got the chills hunting down this list for you but if you love to wear woolens, you’ll be glad he did!

Who thought trading tank tops and hot sun for heavy coats and ice could be at all desirable? Well, someone did. And that someone totally hit the mark with the birth of the winter music festival. Although there is only a sprinkle of such events around the world, they are fast gaining ground by taking the fervor and energy from a summer event, and transplanting it into winter’s cold heart. Festival Sherpa takes you on a tour of some of the most teeth-chattering, skin-numbing, and yet outrageously fun music fests out there.


When temperatures drop to -20C in Canada’s cold months – there is rarely a soul out and about. But for 12 nights in Montreal, Quebec – you will see a mass of fur-rimmed hoods bobbing to the beat of some high-octane electronica, trying to fend off the icy chill and hypothermia. You are witnessing the 60,000 people in attendance at Igloofest – one of the hottest events of the year, in one of the coldest places.

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With temperatures at the tail end of the winter season in Avon, Colorado still falling well below freezing – Snowball somehow still manages to offer one of the best music lineups imaginable for a festival of it’s size, timing, and relatively recluse location. With past performers including Pretty Lights, Bassnectar and Rusko – festivalgoers are usually having too much fun to mind the cold or be outraged as their beer turns to slush.

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Rock the Pistes

Not only one of the coldest music festivals out there, but also most certainly one of the coolest. Rock the Pistes is a pop-up music festival spread across the Alps – on both the French and Swiss sides. A music fest with a twist – because as a festivalgoer, you never know where the next gig is until you receive an anonymous text message the night before. So you may find yourself undertaking a ski marathon across the mountains, searching numerous valleys and snowy ledges, all the while reveling in the thrill of the chase.

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Set among the idyllic alpine peaks and fragrant pine forests of Mayrhofen, Austria – Snowbombing is a festival jam-packed with fun and adventure. The days are spent skiing, snowboarding and lounging in the spa, while the nights deliver world-class performances in venues ranging from sky-high igloos, to enchanted forest clearings and street parties. With vast white slopes of fun and a town of noise and vibes you’ll carry through the year – there’s nothing like the hedonistic escapism of Snowbombing.

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