April in Alaska is always special, especially because of the greatest adrenaline-fuelled snow festival of all time.

The sleepy town of Paxson in Alaska comes alive as its hosts the most extreme party of all time – Arctic Man. Dubbed as snowy Burning Man, the festival is all about pushing your limits and indulging in some of the most mind blowing skiing and racing. Because that’s the only way you can really enjoy a snow capped mountain, now can’t you?

(Image Credits: Brian Montablo)

(Image Credits: Brian Montablo)

Alaska, being the heavenly abode of towering snow clad peaks and shining snow, the festival takes the love for adventure to another level. The temperature is well below freezing level during this time of the year, so obviously it makes perfect sense to go on a crazy adrenaline fuelled adventure, right? We think so too. Bluehouse Skis provides you with a list of resorts that are the best for this area.

Arctic Man is one of the biggest snow festivals and it has none of the mild mannerisms of Snowbombing. No sir, here you either ‘ride hard or ride home’. The main highlight of the festival are the phenomenal skiing races that everyone from amateurs and professionals keenly take part in. It turns the snow capped mountains of Alaska into a challenge, the biting cold a catalyst.

(Image Credits: Matt White)

(Image Credits: Matt White)

The festival is seen as a pretty spirited goodbye to the chilly weather, as Alaska prepares to usher in the beautiful spring. The atmosphere is electric, with the expectation of a better climate immediately putting everyone in a good mood. Well, you would have to be in a pretty fine mood to survive the snowy mountains for a week. Not just survive, but enjoy.

As unlikely as that sounds, it is a party up in the mountains. The participants turn the heat up literally and figuratively quite well during the week long event. The festival is known for its dreamy, boozy vibe which sees a turnout of more than 10,000 people. The thrilling ski races are probably the reason the festival attracts an absolutely mad crowd. It takes a certain kind of crazy to make your way down thousands of feet of snow in the dead-chilly atmosphere of Alaska. The festival has some extremely loyal attendees who have been regular patrons for years. And after you attend Arctic Man, you really begin to understand their loyalty.

The beer tent is where the festival part of the event takes place. Open 24 hours to satisfy the thirsty attendees, hanging out at the tent is what socializing at the festival means. From passing out to hooking up, it’s the ultimate destination for it all.

Arctic Man party by Laura Carpenter

(Image Credits: Laura Carpenter)

Living up to its eclectic standards, the festival has some seriously weird food. While one food truck sold actual deer on a stick (could it get more Alaska than this?) other food trucks sold meaty cheeseburgers and beer for dinner. A stroll in the night time will make for quite an interesting walk. All kinds of country music blaring from tents, at least two guys strumming old tunes on guitars and guy wearing a bear hat made from actual bear head, pretty much sums the scene up.

And sometimes, just sometimes the exquisite Aurora Borealis, or The Northern Lights pay a striking visit and the night sky transforms into a kaleidoscope of colours. It’s probably one of the most beautiful sites in the world.

(Image Credits: Brian Montablo)

(Image Credits: Brian Montablo)

Is this the perfect festival for this heat or what? Let us know in the comments.

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