Jeremy Loops is coming to India. Be ready to witness something you’ve never seen before!


South African musician, Jeremy Loops, is a modern folk artist from Cape Town. He performs live with a loop pedal, layering tunes like a one-man band. He is often joined on stage by brilliant collaborators that take his sound to the next level.

This dexterous artist enjoys all genres of music. He is inspired by folk artists like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. However, his own creation is a mash-up of varied genres like folk, reggae, hip-hop, gypsy and jazz – anything that keeps him smiling. The artist doesn’t believe in boundaries.

His music doesn’t only inspire and motivate him, but is also his place of refuge and source of courage to overcome the crazy world we live in! He has a dedicated community of listeners who resonate deeply with his vision. Loops believes music, like all other forms of art, is an audible and visual representation of humanity – all humanity is community. They call this concept the Ubuntu in Africa.

While the music he composes is his own, on stage he collaborates closely with rapper Motheo Molekoand and saxophonist Jamie Faull. Meanwhile, there’s a team tirelessly working behind the scenes to make this dream a reality!

Celebrate World Music Day with this supremely talented musician at:

Friday June 21, 2013: blueFROG, New Delhi

Saturday June 22, 2013: blueFROG, Mumbai

You can’t miss out on this video – the man is an outstanding performer!