From Mad Decent’s India tour announcement, Ultra Singapore tickets going on sale and the upcoming Kala Ghoda festival check it all out here!

1. This Is How Much It Will Cost You To Attend Coachella From India On A Budget


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How often have you thought about what attending Coachella would be like? Too many to count, right? Well, what we can count is the amount of money that will take you there, and The Sherp has you covered. – See more.

2. Sherpagram: 27 Phenomenal Pictures From The BPM Festival, 2016

bpm fb1

(Courtesy : Facebook/The BPM Festival)

Famous for being one of the longest electronic music festivals all over the globe, BPM sees a vast and eclectic expanse of musicians every year. Check out some of the pictorial highlights from this year’s edition of the festival. – See more.

3. Early Bird Tickets For Ultra Singapore Are Now Live!


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The latest addition to the Ultra Music Festival family opens Early Bird ticket sales today! See more.

4. These 7 Music Festivals Prove Israel To Be An Unlikely Festival Destination


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The culturally blessed country of Israel does play host to some phenomenally diverse music festivals. The Sherp dissects. – See more.

5. Coachella Declared The Cash King Of Festivals


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When it comes to ticket sales, Coachella blows the other festivals straight out of the water! – See more.

6. So, Mad Decent Block Party Hits India Next Month!

mad decent diplo1

We told you so! See more.

7. The Glorious Primavera Sound Lineup Is Coachella’s True Enemy

primavera sound1

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Bye Bye Coachella. The 2016 Primavera Sound lineup is massive not just in size but in sheer musicianship and diversity! – See more.

8. February Is Around The Corner And So Is The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival!

Kala Ghoda Collage

Mumbai’s resident art festival, returns this February for its 17th edition. – See more.