Famous for being one of the longest electronic music festivals all over the globe, BPM sees a vast and eclectic expanse of musicians every year. Check out some of the pictorial highlights from this year’s edition of the festival below!

Since the past eight years, BPM Festival has put Mexico on the map like no other music festival has. It emerged, seemingly out of nowhere, and took over the world of dance music with a massive bevy of international electronic acts over the span of ten days every year. As the 2016 edition of the festival comes to an end, The Sherp is here to give you a glimpse of what went down at the festival.


1. The daunting beauty of Playa del Carmen.

ditto_ramirez - bpm

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2. Welcome to The Jungle. 

bpm fb1

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3. The influx of fashion at the festival.


4. Andhim brought their Superfriends party to Playa Del Carmen in a one-off match against Brazilian heavyweight Warung.

Andhim brought their Superfriends party to Playa Del Carmen in a one-off match against Brazilian heavyweight Warung.

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5. BPM brings all the happy souls down to Mexico. 

kela._ - bpm

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6. Spanned over ten days, each day featuring about sixteen hours of uninhibited music, this festival is an immensely thorough experience for anyone who enjoys electronic music. 

bpm - mixmag

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7. Cassie and Apollonia lit up the Thompson Hotel Rooftop on Tuesday!

cassie an apollonia - bpm

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8. A display of exotic art in The Jungle. 



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9. We’re still reeling from Lee Burridge’s amazing set. 

Lee Burridge - bpm

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10. In recent years, BPM’s popularity has spread like wildfire, and soon the festival developed into a cultural phenomenon of the dance music scene. 

bpm fb

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11. BPM’s green initiative. 

bpm facebook 1

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12. The absolutely breathtaking beaches of Playa del Carmen. 

proflyboarder 1

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13. The extremely versatile display of talent in The Jungle. 


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14. This Year, BPM featured about 375 remarkable acts in total. 


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15. BPM lineups are known to be thoroughly eclectic in the genre of electronica and consisting of a wide range of mainstream as well as underground electronic artists. 

thebpmfestival 1

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16. From the lavish beach parties to the hottest clubs, Playa harbours the ideal music festival lifestyle, making it the perfect destination for BPM. 


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17. Bet these have insane bass. 


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18. The warriors of music. 

bpm facebook feature

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19. Dubfire, as well as Richie Hawtin, delivered truly spectacular sets. 

dubfire bpm

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20. A memento of great memories. 


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21. What a regular day in The Jungle looks like. 

bpm festival 1

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22. Yaah Muul! 

bpm festival

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23. After a bevy of great live sets, the festival finally comes to an end. 

bpm festival 3

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24. A spectacular one, at that. 

bpm festival 2

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25. The beaches of Playa del Carmen will be missed. 

bpm festival 4

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26. Share your greatest BPM moments with us!


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27. We look forward to seeing you next year!

bpm 2

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