Terraria is a sandbox RPG game that has been popular for more than a decade now. The Terraria game has been available on steam since the start and on Google play store for mobile. The game has seen a resurgence in popularity after the final update released last year

But recently the RE-LOGIC YouTube channel was suspended for some reason, it is the official face of the company on youtube. It doesn’t upload any terms and conditions violating content, still, it got suspended.

Not only this, the entire google account environment for that account was suspended for some reason. In response to this Andrew Spinks tweeted to google about the issue, but more than 4 days have passed and no action has been taken as of yet.

Frustrated Andrew Spinks said that will never use any google platform for these games as he doesn’t like to work with companies that belittle others. He also tweeted that terraria will not be available on Google’s new video game platform Stadia

Many terraria fans have been pissed off due to Google’s attitude towards its partners. The mobile version of the game might get removed from the play store too.

The game has seen massive success in the last decade. It sold over 30 million copies which is a lot for an indie game. The popular youtube personality Pewdepie played this game recently, increasing the hype around the game even more.

The feud should resolve itself if not many fans might not get their hands on the Terraria mobile game and many more won’t be able to play the game on stadia.