This table has it all, literally!

We’ve all experienced that lazy moment when we need to get our asses off the couch to go get some munchies during the latest binge session and wish we could just have it at the click of our fingers. Now, that dream could be a reality with the help of the Sobro coffee table!


The Sobro contains a mini refrigerator, bluetooth speakers, LED lights and multiple USB charging ports while also providing the service of a regular coffee table. It also connects to your TV so you can make more out of the cool gadget! Don’t believe it? See it for yourself:

It also features two compartments for storage and a touch control interface for the speakers and fridge on the glass topped table. The Kickstarter campaign already helped the creators gain their original goal of $1 million USD but they have special discounts for all those donating for the cool center piece for their living rooms which isn’t cheap at $1500 USD. Get in on the offer right here.