Pokemon Legends: Arceus is going to be the next big step in the Pokemon main series games. It will set the bar for the games to come in the future, and Gamefreak is going all in, leaving no stone unturned. The trailer for the game showed us that we will be a part of the Team Galaxy which is researching Pokemon. But what is this team galaxy and why does it sound familiar?

Who are team galaxy

Team Galaxy shows a striking resemblance to team galactic of the future. The game is set in the Hisui region which is the older name for the Sinnoh region. The Team Galaxy logo is pretty similar to team galactic and so is the name. This can be hinting at a possible story arc.

Team galaxy has various differents corps to handle different things, you, the player, will be a part of the survey corps. Your job will be to go out and study Pokemon in person. The main goal of the game seems to be to complete the first-ever Hisuin Pokedex for future generations.

You will be getting a starter pokemon from Professor Laventon who has bought three different Pokemon from his journeys. You will be assigned tasks from the head of the survey corps, who is Cyllene.

Though she has a nasty grin on her face, she seems to care for the trainer. Team galaxy in this Pokemon game is good, in contradiction to the villain role in future games.

The boss who overlooks all the operations is Commander Kamado. Except for all this info, we know nothing more. Maybe Commander Kamado is related to Cyrus from Sinnoh for some reason. There are a lot of theories regarding the role of Team galaxy, like – Why Team Galaxy will be the evil team in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The game will be released next year in January so there is a long time before we get our hand on the game.

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