Team Galaxy is the team you’ll be working for in the new Pokemon Legends: Arceus. But the name of the team sounds a lot of alarms to long-time Pokemon players. The game will be set in the Hisui region which is just an ancient name for the Sinnoh region of the present. And the name of the evil organization in Sinnoh was Team Galactic.

The team not only shares the same name almost. The team also has a logo that resembles the Team Galactic logo from the Sinnoh region. So, maybe, the Team is using you to collect data for them so that they can use it to summon Arceus and use it for their advantage.

That’s just a theory though, nothing’s been confirmed yet. Team galaxy is led by Commander Kamado who looks like an ancestor of Cyrus. Maybe it’s just the design, but the similarities can’t be overlooked.

Besides that, the team also has a lot of different corps which take care of different things. Check out the internet structure and everything else related to Team Galaxy – Team Galaxy in Pokemon Legends: Arceus Explained!

So simply put, there are just too many similarities between the team galactic and team galaxy to brush off this theory. Besides that, Cyrus only tried to summon Giratina, Maybe his ancestors tried to summon Arceus for the same purpose