Kanye West is finished, he no longer will be Kanye West, he has filed legal documents in LA to change his name from Kanye West to his nickname which he used for a decade now, Ye! This move comes as surprise to many new fans as Kanye West is a big name in the fashion and music industry and there is a lot of brand image behind that name.

But we’ve come to expect such acts from him, so this didn’t come as a surprise to many. Kanye is also going to change his middle name, he will be getting rid of his middle name as well and only go by the name Ye now. What will happen to his kids and wife is not known as of yet, but Kanye has officially filed documents to change his name that much is sure.

kanye west

This move doesn’t come as a surprise as Kanye’s name has been dragged through dirt much time. His infamous comments about Beyonce while handing out the award to Taylor swift were the defining moment of his career. He then released one of his best projects MDTF.

And many time he has teases that he is sick of his name and wants a restart, and changing a name legally is the way he’s pursuing it. Kanye is known to be one of the most bold personalities in hip hop so if anyone was going to this, it would’ve been kanye.

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