Professor Laventon is the professor who will be providing your first starter pokemon in the Hisui region of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus game. But who is this professor, where does he come from and why is he presumably working for an organization like Team Galaxy.

Professor Laventon seems like a pretty chill guy, but he was last seen saying that Pokemon are dangerous creatures. The game is set in the past when Pokemon and people weren’t together and maybe that is the reason he made those comments. Besides that, in Pokemon Legends wild Pokemon attack you, so that’s why he’s warning us.

Professor Laventon is a traveling professor, he has collected various Pokemon from the various regions he’s been to. That explains the mixed bag of starters he’s providing you. The starters are Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott.

Professor Laventon is held against his own wish

Professor Laventon seems like a nice guy based on the trailer, and team galaxy is very similar to team galactic of the future. And many players think Team galaxy is actually an evil organization that’s using Professor Laventon and you, the trainer. This article explains Team Galaxy and their plans in detail – Team Galaxy in Pokemon Legends: Arceus Explained!