You don’t need a special day to enjoy the company of the woman who taught you how to live, but if you do feel the need to cherish her, ditch the corny flowers and Facebook statuses and take her on an adventure!

The Sherp has curated a special list of some gorgeous and eye-opening festivals for every kind of mother out there!


1. For the mom who loves Yoga and all things vipasana-y.

Lightning In a Bottle is a perfect choice, for your yoga-pants-toting-Buddha-wisdom-reciting momma. The Do Lab’s Lightning In A Bottle is a festival dedicated to celebrating the creative life with people passionate about making it happen. The festival that takes place in Southern California, USA, every May, and is open to people of all ages and mindsets, which is why you’re bound to see families at the fest.

While at LIB, there will be plenty of mother-daughter bonding you can indulge in, one of which is entering the Temple Of Conciousness.

“At the temple you will find an open sharing of information often locked behind doors unavailable to us in the ‘regular world’. At nighttime come dance to unique rhythms and music from around the world. The Healing Sanctuary is the place for massage and body work. You can bath in a Gong bath under the sun or get life changing advice from an Elder. Everything in the Temple is designed for body joy, mind broadening and heart opening. ” 



2. For the mom who is the most environmentally concious person you know.

When it comes to festivals powered by eco-friendly and green initiatives, you’ll be left spoilt for choice. From Green Man, to Envision and We love Green, Green Man is an absolute favourite of ours.

Green Man has successfully carved quite a niche for itself as a ‘non-corporate and ethically-minded festival’. Its identity revolves around its showcasing of Literature, art, all night bonfires, comedy and secret gigs. As one of the biggest festivals in Wales, it features around 400 acts per year with nine different stages. The 3 day festival features folk, indie and American music. Think of introducing your mum to the beauty of  Neutral Milk Hotel, Mercury Rev , The WaterBoys and First Aid Kit.

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3. For the mom who believes in the saying “there’s no school like old-school”.

Take a leap of faith and drag your mom along with you to Glastonbury Festival this season. Even though the weather conditions may be dreary and venue too big to explore, your mother will really appreciate the variety of old school music at the festival. If the 60’s and 70’s are anything to go by, watching The Who or Lionel Richie perform will be the highlight of her experience, hopefully reminding her of her college/school days!

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4. For the mom who is and always will be a free spirit.

Is your mom more your best friend than your parents? Are her ideas of self-actualization and exploration more radical than yours will ever be? Does she love playing dress up – whether she’s a mystical fairy or bubble wrap monster? If yes, you’re mom needs to be at BURNING MAN.

You may not think it, but Burning Man is best suited for a vibrant woman like her. Leaving aside all the nudity and nefarious activities associated with Burning Man, the 7 day event is more like a pilgrimage to finding yourself or losing it through self-reliance, art and expression.

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5. For the mom who always wanted to be a folk musician

Jodhpur RIFF is the quintessential festival for Desi mom’s, whose dreams about becoming sitar or classical music maestros, fell short.

If the line-up of artistes at EVERY edition of the Jodhpur RIFF – Rajasthan International Folk Festival– is anything to go by, the festival promises to be a melting pot of exotic music from around the globe. Last year’s edition in October saw Indian folk artistes sharing the stage with musicians from Scotland, Australia and Yemen. 



6. For the mom who loves  harlequin outfits and a carnival atmosphere

Bestival, of course. Turning up at Bestival costume-less might just be the biggest mistake of your life. The tradition is taken so seriously, that the festival organisers holding a Fancy Dress Parade every single year. In 2010 they earned themselves a Guinness World Record for having the most people in costume at a single event. There are even workshops held specifically on costume-making on the festival site.

To add to that, you and your mum will be privy to big top tent events, marching bands, burlesque performers, costume parades – all while your favourite music acts are playing can give you the sense that you’re at one big, noisy, happy carnival.

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