The fatal attack in the Blue parrot night club is behind the ban.

The city of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico has called for a ban on all electronic music festivals after the shooting incident which took place at the Blue Parrot night club earlier this week.

The venue was hosting the afterparty for the BPM festival at the time of the shooting, killing 5 people and injuring several others. Three of the victims were security guards hired by the festival organisers while another was killed in a stampede that was caused by the gunshots. The residents of the city along with Mexican authorities are concern that this act might be the result of the Mexican drug cartel’s feud over drug access to tourists attending the festival, according to Associated Press.


The city has been a hub for EDM with festivals such as Island Time Music Festival, Corona Sunsets Music Festival and Corona Elements Music Festival in the past along with a few jazz festivals.

Playa Del Carmen Mayor, Cristina Torres Gomez was heard at a press conference stating, “We want these types of events to go. We won’t allow one more.”

This ban has been expected to affect Argentina’s Arena Festival, an LGBTQ dance festival which is to be held in the first week of February. The festival shared this post on Facebook in regard to the situation:

Similar talks about a ban on this festival is being considered but nothing has been set to stone. We’ll keep you updated on the same.