These DJs were on fire at the festival.

Sunburn celebrated their tenth anniversary a month ago and they topped it off with a great line-up. But many could not make it to the venue to see the gigs by critically-acclaimed international as well as Indian EDM artists. You may have gone through the sets as and when they went live on the Sunburn Facebook page, but no harm in celebrating the weekend with these killer sets again, is there? So, we’ve come to the rescue! Below this paragraph are the top sets that took place over the last weekend of 2016! Make sure you have your headphones on and on the highest volume for these sets:

1. Armin van Buurin


One of the best ever sets was by none other than Armin van Buurin. His energy is unbeatable and the crowd reciprocated to the max! People were dancing and jumping all over and it was the best feeling ever. His live rendition of “This Is What It Feels Like” was a rager and the massive crowd jump was insane. Definitely a cross off the bucketlist! Check the set here.



KSHMR was one of the headliners we were looking forward to see since the artist announcement and he was exceptional! His set began with the message “Music gives a soul to the universe” and people could be heard roaring for him to play from that moment on, right until he ushered in 2017 and played a few more tunes in celebration. He also got his grandfather on stage, so brownie points right there! What a way to bring in the new year! Check his set here.

3. Afrojack


Every single person in the crowd got what they wanted at Afrojack’s performance at the festival. The beats were out of control and so was the crowd! With so many hits being belted out one after another, the crowd was ready for every big dance move in the songs. His cover of “Closer” morphing into “Turn Down For What” was also a great addition to the set. Check his set here.

4. Nucleya

Credits: Wearo

Who could forget the Bass king of India? Nucleya’s set was, as it always is, just plain simple CRAZY! The set list was filled with booming bass and couldn’t have been more perfect. This man deserves all the fame he’s achieved and more. Why? Cause he’s motherf*****g Nucleya!! Check the set here.

5. Zaeden


The young DJ has been featured so much in the music industry right now, and trust me, he deserves every bit of it. His set was at the right time with dusk just hitting the right amount of light and, within a few moments, it transformed into a dark sky with the lasers beaming like a night club. With such a glorious setting and Zaeden dropping the right beats, you really don’t need anything more. See it and you’ll understand the hype. Check his set here.

6. Tom Swoon


Swoon was another artist who created absolute chaos within the crowd. His trap songs were just mind-blowing and the “Love Lockdown” mix was pure madness. You NEED to hear more material from this guy; it’s beyond good and filled with beats that will put you on dance mode. Check the set here.

7. Bassjackers


No crowd was as responsive for a set than for Bassjackers. The crowd was wild for him and with good reason. The set was spectacular and added so much depth with the corresponding beats that people were losing their minds. Plus, people must have lost their voice because of all the screaming. Check the set here.

8. (S)haan

Credits: Monish Bhatt

DJ (S)haan created a riot on stage. His set was filled with great mixes and his set was so good that there are two parts to his performance. His energy was infectious and the crowd was lit as hell. Make sure you check out the second part of his set for the complete experience. Check his set here.

9. Sartek


Sartek really brought the party to the festival. His set was under 30 minutes but it was packed with a lot of energy and a number of tracks which got everyone’s blood pumping. We also got a great mix of DJ Snake’s “Let Me Love You” by the DJ and we have to say, it sounded better than the original! Indian talent is so good! Check the set here.

10. Miss Tara


There were few female DJs at the festival this year, but among them all, Miss Tara stood out exactly like her name. Her tracks kept changing rhythms and in a way that was seamless. The slightly Spanish sound was the needed change in the beat heavy festival. This girl really competed with all those guys on the Sunburn roaster. Check the set here.