Under 25 Summit, the largest youth-orientated festival in the country, rocked Bengaluru from the 5th to the 8th of January.

With specific days allotted to tech, design, and food as well as an amazing grand finale, the Under 25 summit absolutely nailed it. Don’t believe us? No worries, let the pictures do all the talking.

Day 1: Tech Day aptly named ‘ESC’

1. Tech overload! Aditya Nandwani introduces youngsters to analog synthesis.

2. The Augmented Dance Demonstrations captivated everyone!

3. And the crowd paid rapt attention.

4. Interactive to a T! The workshops got everyone involved!

Day 2: CYMK a.k.a. Design Day

5. Young aspiring designers are all eyes!

6. We could stay here all day long, wanna join us?

7. Focus is our motto!

8. The Summit wasn’t short on passionate speakers, that’s for sure!

9. What would a youth summit be without some young music talent?

10. The creative skills of the young artists were on full display!

Day 3: Hop on The Gravy Train!

11. Drool drool drool!

12. The scrumptious treats made us oh so pleased!

13. We all love the ice cream truck. But how about an ice cream car?

14. We’re already salivating!

15. Their faces say it all, don’t they?

16. India’s youngest chef, Nihal Raj, sure had a lot to say!

17. The summit wasn’t short on love at any point!

Day 4: The grandest of grand finales

18. The grand finale featured some sweet vocals!

19. And some interesting discussions with well-known personnels.

19. We’d say these are four days well spent.

(All images courtesy Kirat Singh Bawa)