SPIDER-MAN!!!, SPIDER-MAN!! You read it in the humming Rhythm right?

This was a game that came out with a full demand and the graphics of the game surely did do justice to the demand and expectations.

Spider-Man is all about your friendly Neighborhood hero who is ready to help a cat stuck on the tree to a bank being looted. The first part had applications of Osborne technologies and the new york skyline which proved it was based more on the ‘The amazing spider man’ movie series.

Will Spider-Man 2 be based on the part played by tom holland as a young spiderman?

Will there be an Iron spider? Let us have a look




First let’s talk about the release date, according to excerpts ‘Sony‘ will release this game for ps5 somewhere around the year 2023. This announcement was made on the 2021 PlayStation show.

How about the storyline? Will it be continued from the last part or will it be a completely new world?

In the teaser trailer released at the 2021 show, they showed spiderman having the spider’s 6 legs, made of iron ofc. This proves it will be based on the new edition of the spider man movie series.

Don’t know about 6 legs but hopefully, they don’t kill Mary jane or any of his other girlfriends in this.

Coz that’s all the legs he needs. (WINK).

Will it be featured on PS4 too?

Oops, sad news for ps4 owners, NO it won’t be it will only be featured on PS5 exclusively in 2023.

So that’s all about its release date. Stay tuned in for more information about the storyline, gameplay, and surprises from the game.



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