A step in the right direction.

Recent news cycles about animal festivals have been particularly depressing. We’ve been exposed and reminded of various kind of torture themed festivals, from China’s terrible dog eating Yulin fest to all the Spain’ bull fighting atrocities that take place during the summer.

In the light of this, there has been some positive news too. A Spanish town named Villafranca de los Caballeros, is planning to dump it’s yearly bullfighting festival just so the resources used on the vile event can be turned into proverbial gold i.e. to spend the money on buying school supplies and school books for the local children instead.

San Fermin Running of the Bulls 2015 - Day 2


The reality of bullfighting atrocities taking place in Spain is quite alarming, with over 16000 town festivals based on chasing or torturing bulls still being celebrated.

Much is to be learned of this tiny town, whose population does not exceed the 5000 mark and lies a good 80 miles to the south of the Spanish capital. However this thursday, the motion to ditch the festival for the greater good will be voted on, a proposal that will see almost 18000 pounds being used for the local children’s education supplies. Since the council has a socialist leaning, the motion is expected to pass easily.

Even though the decision was not taken against any cultural grounds of the bullfighting festival, the town’s people are more in favour of prioritising educational and financial benefits.

We’re only hoping other Spanish towns will soon follow tow.