While music festivals are the greatest high ever for music lovers, some highs just get the better of you as the evening goes on! This article is for the ones who see it happen to others.

We’ve all been there. Seen friends, too consumed with their intoxicants, and take that heavy fall. Or, sometimes, that person across the arena, dropping out, that only you seem to have noticed. Or been the person, passing out, yourself. And when someone is at the cusp of giving in to their chosen poison, every bit of the awesomeness at the music festival fades out, and they only wish someone was around with a helping hand.

If you find yourself the spectator to that chaos, then these are steps you must follow to help your friend / any random stranger out.

Help, before it’s needed

If you see someone overtly strung out by whatever it is they’re consuming, don’t wait for them to succumb to it, whether it’s a friend or a stranger. Ask them to cut it down, and take a seat before they start to feel any worse. Or if you see someone feel asphyxiated, or tripping down, help them by calming them down before they panic further.

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Take them out

Festival spaces are extremely crowded, and the prevalent disorder just causes someone under the influence even more discomfort. To make sure they don’t feel suffocated, lead them out to an emptier area. The calm air will help them resume their breathing regularity. And the silence will especially help those tripping out.

Have them sit down

It is important to create an environment of composure for the person reeling from alcohol or drugs, more so for the latter as it becomes very easy for the person to get agitated. Sit them down, away from the noise. And have them rest. If needed let them lie down, but make sure they don’t pass out, until you get them to a safer place.

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Hydration is seriously underrated

Water is the saviour to most alcohol or drug related problems. Have them drink water, as dehydration can up the antics of any kind of stuff chosen for consumption. But make sure you don’t over-hydrate the person either. In case of marijuana-related incidents, having them eat a great deal of food will help reduce the effects too.

Talk them out

For a person too far gone because of the drugs they’ve taken, being at a crowded festival can feel pretty scary and panicky. So talk them through it, and help calm them down. Be comforting, so even if you’re a stranger, they can feel like you’re trustworthy. Try to genuinely help them out, because at that very moment, they really need it.

Do not demoralise

You may have you own opinions about drugs and alcohol, or people using them intensely during a music festival, but save the judgement for later. Any step you take towards demoralising someone will only help them feel a lot worse than they already are. Plus, it will also lead them to distrust you pretty bad. So keep their composure going.

Seek medical help, if needed

Marijuana and alcohol related emergencies are mostly, almost always non-threatening. But any other form of drug consumption can be pretty bad, even as much as leading to an overdose. So if you feel that the effects of the drug are not wearing out, seek immediate medical help.

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Do not abandon

We realise that you do not want to miss that set of your favourite headliner, or the very reason you brought your tickets for, but do not abandon someone, because you can be avoiding a great deal of harm by just being there. If it’s a friend, you definitely owe it to them. And if it’s own, try to get in touch with one of the person’s friends to responsibly hand them over before you scurry over. Either way, we cannot say this enough, kindness trumps music festivals, obviously.