The Israeli psychedelic master drops hint of an India tour this July!

DJ Skazi, better known as Ashwer Swissa, needs no introduction. The legendary Israeli producer is a genuine trance artist from the premier league of trance creators in the world and has been producing a distinct style of hardcore dance floor trance music since 1998.

skazi rumour india tour inside

Renowned for bringing an innovative twist to trance by combining live guitar riffs with storming sounds owing to his previous local punk background. Having previously been to India for the inaugural Sunburn Mumbai (and headlining it) & more lately – last year’s September tour with Submerge – The Israeli is a firm favorite among Indian audiences due to his unique live performances.



Hinting at an Indian tour this July on his official Facebook page via a grammatically haphazard status update, Skazi will also be performing at this year’s Tomorrowland and is one of the most exciting acts to watch live.



The Sherp tried to scoop out dates for you guys but this is all we have right now, so stay tuned for more.