Homegrown talent is slowly but surely being recognized internationally, and this time it’s the ‘ethnotronic’ folk duo from Mumbai.

Authentic Indian sounds are gradually leaving a very appealing scent abroad, with yet another Indian artist being called upon to dazzle at an overseas festival. The duo of Sriram Sampath & Swarupa Ananth aka Filter Coffee will be playing at the Oneness Gathering – an intimate festival held near Glastonbury.

filter coffee oneness gathering

As reported by The Sherp earlier, fellow Indian folk act Shaa’ir & FUNC will also be pulling off a stint at UK’s very own love affair – Glastonbury, alongside some of the biggest live acts on the globe. The authenticity of original Indian fusion music is growing in stature, and The Sherp thinks there’s only one way this is headed – forward.

Filter Coffee call themselves an ‘ethnotronic’ collaborative and their sound includes a unique blend of Indian Classical/Folk instruments, textured sounds & voices with electronic grooves. Having performed at numerous local festivals including the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Sulafest, Fireflies, Prithvi Festival just to name a few, the duo are very much accomplished on the international scene having performed previously at The Balispirit Festival (Indonesia) , pulled off their own UK tour back in 2013, and now they will be performing at The Oneness Gathering. 

filter coffee oneness gathering

The Oneness Gathering will be held on the 11th – 13th July, and you can buy your tickets for the festival HERE.

They will be performing on the 13th at 6.30 pm and here are some of their original works of art you can get acquainted to:

(Source: NH7)