Over the past week, India has featured across a variety of platforms in the music festival world, there have been some expansive developments and some interesting discoveries! Just in case you think you don’t know what these are, the Sherp is here with a round up of the week’s top news and stories!

1. Indian Fashion Merges With Festival Fashion

lovebox cover


Currently, bindi-toting-henna-painted women are flooding summer music festivals, and while some may argue that this is a form of cultural appropriation, the trend has caught on regardless. Figure out how you can style your next festival appearance here!

2. Lost Stories At Tomorrowland 2015!



This year, another electronic music outfit from India will make their presence felt at a major international music festival, and it doesn’t get bigger than Tomorrowland. Mumbai based electronic music producers/DJ’s, Lost Stories will embark on a major European tour that shall take place between June 20 to August 5, 2015. Read more, right here!

3. Festival Totems At Their Best

Image Courtesy: That DROP // Tomorrowland


There are those that come prepared to every festival, to either blow your mind, or be fancy, enjoy the music, or wave these funny-as-hell-crazy-ridiculous totems in everyone’s face. We’ve checked out a few of these, and here’s our showcase of the most intriguing totems at music festivals! 

4. Tomorrowland, coming to India via the Big Screen!


The Sherp recently revealed that Tomorrowland may have hinted that the festival may or may not involve India in their festivities. The answer is yes (well, sort of). Figure it out now!

5. Get Healthy At Festivals, It’s Possible.


You land up running around in a frenzy to ensure you don’t miss anything, and Withings, a tech company has broken down how many calories you do land up burning at some of UK’s top music festivals. Read on, and get fit, NOW!

6. Puddle Of Mudd IS COMING TO INDIA!


Back when the rave culture wasn’t stifling the international music scene, we all went through that phase where we were obsessed with She Hates Me and/or Blurry. For those of you who just go misty eyed merely at the mention of our beloved Puddle of Mudd definitely need to know that you can see them live – in India. Dates, tickets, and the DL – all right here!

7. The Sherp’s Interview: Armin Van Buuren 



The Sherp made it’s way to ‘A State Of Trance 700′, and had a delightful and very, very insightful conversation with Armin Van Buuren! Read our interactions here!

8. The Tomorrowland Main Stage Line Up Has Been Revealed


Belgium’s most awaited music festival is back with their extraordinary main stage lineup. Featuring some of the world’s biggest international Djs, this year’s main stage linup looks kickass. Check it out here!