Hopping across stages at a festival is actually doing you a lot of good. Calories are lost, and we’ve got some numbers to go with it.  

glasto(Image Courtesy: Glastonbury Facebook)

Attending a full-blown music festival with multiple stages and a gazillion artists can be a Goliath task. With most large scale music festivals signing your favorite artists left right and center, it’s very daunting to pick and choose where you’re going to be and how you’re going to pull it off. You land up running around in a frenzy to ensure you don’t miss anything, and Withings, a tech company has broken down how many calories you do land up burning at some of UK’s top music festivals.

lovebox(Image Courtesy: Lovebox Facebook)

The study takes into consideration a number of metrics: from festival size, to even the acts that are performing at a festival. According to their math, and average festival goer burns between 400-700 calories per act. With performers being allotted barely more than an hour (an hour and a half tops) at most music festivals, this means that you burn these calories in less than an hour. not bad, eh? Here are the figures:

1. Glastonbury – 3,400 calories burnt per day /5.1 miles walked 

2. V Festival –3,100 calories burnt per day /4.6 miles walked. 

3. Reading Festival – 3,000 calories burnt per day /4.7 miles walked

4. T in the Park – 3,000 calories burnt per day /4.5 miles walked.  

5. Leeds Festival – 2,900 calories burnt per day/4.6 miles walked. 

6. Creamfields – 2,800 calories burnt per day /4.2 miles walked.  

7. Isle of Wight Festival – 2,700 calories burnt per day /4 miles walked. 

8. Bestival – 2,600 calories burnt per day /4 miles walked. 

9. Lovebox – 2,500 calories burnt per day/ 3.1 miles walked. 

10. T4 On The Beach – 2,300 calories burnt per day/ 2.9 miles walked  

bestival(Image Courtesy: Bestival Facebook)

So if you’re slightly towards the heavier side and can’t find enough motivation to hit the gymnasium, regularly attending festivals could be a fun way to cheat your way into a healthy life.

(Source: Irish Examiner