Another 90’s alt-rock group is coming to India this month. 

Back when the rave culture wasn’t stifling the international music scene, we all went through that phase where we were obsessed with She Hates Me and/or Blurry. For those of you who just go misty eyed merely at the mention of our beloved Puddle of Mudd definitely need to know that you can see them live – in India.

Looks like Hard Rock Cafe Gurgaon is taking a hearty stroll down memory lane, especially after they brought Switchfoot to India. Now they’re bringing in Puddle of Mudd, every 90’s kid’s adolescence in a nutshell.


This just goes to prove that 2015 may just be the year of spectacular throwbacks. So far, we know that they’ve been confirmed to tour India and soon. 5 cafes across 5 cities have been locked down on the band’s India tour schedule. Tickets are out NOW. Click on the links below to buy tickets for the gig in your city.

Hard Rock Cafe, Gurgaon – June 28, 2015

Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai – June 30, 2015

Hard Rock Cafe, Pune – July 1, 2015

Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore – July 2, 2015

Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad – July 3, 2015