Dubbed as the “Centre of Trance” for the weekend, India has seen some very interesting developments in the electronic music forum, The Sherp made it’s way to ‘A State Of Trance 700’, and had a delightful and very, very insightful conversation with Armin Van Buuren! 

Image Courtesy: CNN Press Room

Image Courtesy: CNN Press Room

1. It’s great to have you back! But, tell us what you love most about playing in India? and how different do you think ASOT 700 is from ASOT 600? 

Well to answer your first question, I have many fans here in India. I do a radio show every week! I see so many people tweeting, usually [across] several cities in India, and it trends on twitter; that just means a lot of people listen to the show at the same time! This is really fantastic for me, you know; I’m really honoured that so many people take the time to go and listen to the show.

Image Courtesy: ASOT

Image Courtesy: ASOT

To answer your second question – ASOT 700 has a totally different theme, mainly ‘Together’, but with a different line up, a different theme song, basically everything about it is different except of course the live broadcast connecting the people with the music. So you know, India – this weekend, is the centre of the world of trance. 

2. Well, you have about 30 million fans across 74 countries, and you’ve become so big so suddenly, what do you think is the secret behind all of your success? Globally, that is. 

It’s hard to say, I mean, I’m not from the press, that’s your job [laughs a little]. Yeah, I mean theres not one particular thing, I think everything I’ve done in my career has helped a little bit, you know – like my music, my label, my radio show, the people that I’ve been working with, I think even my shows, I’ve been on these tours, the albums, I think everything helps a little bit, right? 

3. Alright! Now, with so many other genres, and sub-genres emerging – what do you think needs to fade out immediately? What is your least favourite [genre/sub-genre]? 

My least favourite?? Actually, my motto is “don’t be a prisoner of your own style.“. So if I were to say that there will be one genre that I would not like, that would not be coping with my motto.

Image Courtesy: Twtrland

Image Courtesy: Twtrland

There’s different types of music though, that I like more than others. You know, that’s for sure. I’m more of a big fan of the more trance-y stuff obviously. But I think you always have to have an open mind. I’m not the biggest fan of hard rock, but, there are some great hard rock bands, and some great hard rock tracks. So, I’m not going to be able to choose one, sorry! 

4. So, you recently remixed the Game of Thrones theme song! And so, who’s your favourite character in the series? And why? 

I don’t know, I kind of like all of them, I think its really amazing that they could create a story that is so non-linear. And, I would be a Stark member, obviously, cause they’re the good ones, so somebody from the Stark clan. 

5. Well, alright! Tell us, out of all your ASOT anthems, which would you choose to be your favourite? 

[Laughs] Thats like asking a father, which one would be his favourite child, you know? Though, I don’t know, I really like the fact that we had ASOT 500, with Gaia and Status Excessu D, that is still one of my favourite show tracks. 

6. You’re bringing down a lot of artists to Bombay, which ones should we be most excited about? 

All of them, of course. Otherwise I wouldn’t be bringing them! I’m really sad that Simon Patterson couldn’t make it because he had problems with his visa, so he cannot come into India, but I do have Ruben De Ronde, Ørjan Nilson, and Cosmic Gate, them, I’m really excited about, I’m really curious to hear their set! 

7. On to the more candid questions! If you had to get married at a festival, which one would it be? 

Tomorrowland, of course.

8. A festival you’ve considered being sober at? 

All of them! I’m not a very big drinker!

9. Who is your favourite festival buddy? 

My favourite festival buddy? Aaah, That would be my true manager Sander!

10. And, if you could only take three things to a festival, what would you take? 

Well, a phone, a charger, and an extra phone!

11. What would be a festival you’d consider going to alone? 

[Long contemplative pause], Coachella, maybe?

12. And why is that? 

Well, because there’s a lot of interesting people, and interesting music there!