The myriad offerings of a regular transformational festival are only as good as you make them to be! So, The Sherp is here to be your guide to enjoying your next transformational festival. 

For people who wish to experience something beyond what music, alone, can give you, transformational festivals cater to your every need as they deliver a wholesome experience that comprises the well being of nature and a bunch of activities that will help you unwind. For a while now, transformative festivals have raked in high points for their earthy set-up and intimate organisation. Along with that, they inspire  mindful living while carefully dedicating themselves to the arts as a whole, by encouraging creative expression.

But since transformational festivals stand as such a contrast to the big giants of the festival scene, a certain vibe on your part, will help you experience the festival to the fullest. The Sherp is here to offer a few pro-tips!

Let go of any hangups

Before you make into the confines of the festival ground, remember, this is no festival where the music line-up is the sacrosanct feature pulling in people together. Also, tranformational festivals are not as commercially comfortable as many of the bigger music festivals are. Most of the set-up is made from ecologically beneficial substances. So, what you see will not be state of the art architectural brilliance, but a community effort, that will be vibrant nonetheless. All your basic utilities will be concerned and taken care of, so let go of any luxurious expectations you might away.

ali(Image source: Ali Kaukas | Wanderlust Facebook)

11036447_10153364496483783_3133156530539501098_n(Image Source: Joshua Tree Festival Facebook)

Camp away

The mood and spirit at a tranformational festival is unlike anything city life can offer. Which is why most of these festivals happen at natural, picturesque spaces like Sonic Bloom at Mulberry Mountain, or at an undisturbed spot away from urban centres, like Burning Man at the abnormally large Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Depending on what festival you chose, driving up to the festival ground is possible, but we’d suggest you camp it off! The back and forth travel will not just hinder your festival vibe, but it will prevent you from truly enjoying what the festival has to offer. Involve yourself in the gathering, and let the city life wait!

VWPhil(Image source: VW Phil | Wakarusa Facebook)

10403305_935340016516506_8847140716134622866_n(Image source: Envision Festival Facebook)

No experience is futile

Most transformational festivals offer a range of alleviating activities that are bound to keep you occupied throughout the day. Case in point the Sonic Bloom festival, that along with a great line-up of electronic music offers recreational performance art workshops, yoga sessions, and talks by influential speakers along with live visual art. A festival attendee is inundated with many options to choose from, so gear up for all kinds of experiences.

10003107_10153244364548783_3681236152532552314_n(Image source: Joshua Tree Music Festival Facebook)

SEEN-Hoop-Kid(Image Source: Wakarusa Facebook)


A festival that allows for hiking trails? Exactly what Wanderlust-Aspen Snowmass offers, under the guidance of expert hikers. Hiking may have been something you’ve been hesitant to try out earlier, but as part of the festival be willing to sign up for activities you would not otherwise. They help you experience the festival-recommended vibe you had hoped to.

ali 3(Image source: Ali Kaukas | Wanderlust Facebook)

Social is a state of being

The community is the epicentre, the heart of any transformational festival. A group of people get together to put together the festival you can join, for no monetary gain simply because they believe in the festival’s immersive spirit. Sure, you can enjoy an experience without succumbing to socialising, if a more meditative phase is what you’re looking at. But even a smile from your end will show you’re involved, and that you’re thankful.

983747_10152192446250334_7159202846251015378_n(Image source: Ali Kaukas | Wanderlust Facebook)

Sharing is the key

Most transformational festivals continue to deny corporate funding, and are more small-scale in their organisation. Some, as Burning Man, go as far as avoiding commercial stalls too, as most purchase systems function with barter. So walk in armed with goods you would love to share with friendly strangers, as you will be most likely to receive something back yourself, even if its warm gratitude.

jacobskiles 93(Image source: @jacobskiles93 | instagram)

Feel the message

There is no hard and fast rule that you must be part of every activity that goes on at the festival, but if you are an able participant, then be a disciplined one. Your apathy towards what you’re a part of may rub other willful partakers the wrong way. For example, we realise how Lightning in a Bottle’s Luscent Temple of Consciousness is not for everyone, but if you are a part of its temple music programmes, be respectful of what goes on.

11393278_935339716516536_1507156607681084172_n(Image source: Envision Festival Facebook)

Be an able compatriot 

Be the attendee that the community has taken great pains to put together a festival for. Leaving no trace behind is one of transformational festivals’ key objectives as they try to be ecologically viable, so make sure you’re in tandem with their no-waste policy. Appreciate and respect their art installations from a distance. Most tranformational festivals are non-profit in nature, so the organisation only wants good vibes in return.

10561830_10152257703542253_5278572687345498525_n(Image source: Sonic Bloom Facebook)