Sonic Bloom brings to fore a transformational experience few festivals can promise and we’ll tell you why this summer, Sonic Bloom trumps every other festival around.

Of late, festivals have become an exercise in cliché. With the same, oft-repeated names in the line-up, accompanied with activities that spell similarity between any or all of the festivals, depending on their scale. It’s now left to festival goers, as they scout for festivals that give them something more, an experience unparalleled in nature, extremely unique and exclusive. A little more than just music, a little more than just art.


This is what makes Sonic Bloom so peculiarly different. The festival places artistic expression at the forefront, letting every other utility take a backseat as it amalgamates electronic music with performance art. We discuss its highlights!

The festival expanse

Sonic Bloom is held at the Hummingbird Ranch amidst the Spanish Peaks in Colorado, a vast space that’s naturally ethereal making the festival space a highly picturesque location. The festival arena is systematically divided into concert space, yoga space and art space, giving the festival an extremely cohesive structure.



The Music Line-up

While Sonic Bloom features electronic music, it’s dedicated to the more underground trance and psych based electronica than commercial stuff, making the festival a lot less mainstream for true fans of the genre. The Sherp picks the artists you must absolutely check out!



Simon Posford and Raja Ram’s Shpongle is one of the more popular psychedelic electronica projects out there, with their tracks monstrously arranged to a unique and ambient framework.

The Funk Hunters are one of Canada’s busiest exports. Their dance sets are set to their live performances which employ an enviable line of audio-visual arrangement.

Emancipator is one American electronic producer whose deep affiliation for the natural, ambient sound will make him one to look out for at Sonic Bloom.

Talib Kweli is an hip-hop artist whose views about race and society often make it to his music, thereby elevating his music to a strong meaning, automatically.

The Motet is one of the more unique jazz bands of our time with their ability to fuse funk, rock and afrobeat in an exclusive set up.

The artists’ space

Sonic Bloom is a dedicated event for visual artists as live paintings can be found around the venue. Added to that, the art installations at the festival are carefully curated to reflect the earthy, hippie vibe the festival carries.



Yoga Movement

The festival is quite evidently an event that immerses itself in the sanctity of art and culture, and therefore yoga forms a very important part of its lineup, with programmes arranged with yoga teachers in attendance.


Performance Art and Workshops

Along with yoga, Sonic Bloom also has a performance art lineup with dance and acrobat acts ruling the line-up. Similarly, they also have speakers taking workshops of various topics of prevalence.




The general vibe

The reason Sonic Bloom should be a festival you cannot miss is because it’s stripped off of glamour and is much earthier as compared to pompous music festivals making it a more austere experience for fans to wish the same. Plus, their vision for an inclusive community along with their foresight for the participation of art forms makes it a more holistically spiritual experience.





(all images source: Sonic Bloom Website / Sonic Bloom Facebook)