The 2016 edition of the Sapporo Snow Festival was witness to the magical builds of structures that are possible with winter’s best playmate – snow. 

We thought the world was divided into two people. Those who built snowmen, and those who lived where no snow ever fell, but hoped to someday build one. Then we chanced upon a third kind. Comprising of artists and architects who built monuments and structures of snow, enough to shame the average snowman builder eager to add in a carrot to make a nose. At The Sapporo Snow Festival, celebrated every year during the winter months of January and February, mammoth sizes of snow models are displayed as people throng from all over Japan to witness the spectacle.

If you weren’t there, these images from the festival will leave you craving for some snow to get your hands busy with!

1. You’d think there’s only so much one can do with snow, right?

ikururo 7(Source : ikururo)

2. Just abundant amounts of ice, you’d rather roll about in?

ikururo 3(Source: ikururo)

3. Well, The Sapporo Snow Festival demonstrates year after year, that snow can be cemented in more ways than one. 

4. At The Sapporo Snow Festival, snow is taken to build structures that will amaze and enthrall

5. People throng to to the festival that features snow-monuments of brilliant built

6. From blocks that invoke child-like enthusiasm

7. To sculptures that are as artistic as awe-inspiring

8. Would you believe that is gigantic structure was built with little else but abundantly available snow? 

ikururo 2(Source: ikururo)

9. The architectural ingenuity is overpowering and sublime

ikururo 5(Source: ikururo)

10. Each structure is life-like, a breathing mass of snow

11. And once the party descends into the night, the lights of the snow-monuments make the visual experience that much more ethereal.

ikururo 6(Source: ikururo)

12. Who would be able to behold a sight such as this?

goodmami(Source: goodmami)

13. Even ice sculptures made it to the brilliance of the festival

ikururo 4(Source: ikururo)

14. As did Darth Vader and Asian architecture

15. So visually epic was the festival that you couldn’t make do even if had all the time in the world!

16. Thank goodness, for we have snow!