Festival goers had to find out about the cancellation from a Facebook post of one of the headlining acts.

Things seemed to be going well for Australia’s Secret Valley Music Festival when it emerged as a destination boutique festival in Australia’s Hunter Valley Wine Country last year. The 2016 edition though was stopped in its tracks due to poor ticket sales and very little promotion. To top it off, the organizers cancelled the festival and didn’t even bother to inform the ex-festival attendees.

The Secret Valley festival was less than two week’s away when one of the headlining acts, Leftfield from UK announced that they had scheduled events in clubs on the same dates due to the cancellation of the festival.

This led to a social media outrage because it wasn’t until after this post that the organizers finally released an official statement.

The Australian festival jinx seems to be deeply rooted as multiple festivals continue to be riddled with issues. Ticket holders are now awaiting their ticket refunds with many struggling to get refunds for pre booked accommodation and transportation. The festival has promised to attempt an alternative yet similar event later this year but with no confirmations as yet.

Here’s what the festival would’ve been like :