These festivals are the hottest places to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. 

Valentines Day evokes a storm of mixed reactions, from giddy headiness to disgruntled annoyance. Irrespective of whether you like the holiday or not, it’s upon us. For all the wonderfully single festival junkies out there, we have the greatest way to make you adore this notorious holiday. Take a look at The Sherp’s pick of the best festivals you can meet and mingle with fellow festival enthusiasts at. Even if you’re not interested in meeting someone romantically, these festivals are incredible places to make new friends. Take a look!


1. Coachella

During the previous run of Coachella in 2015, The Sherp recieved some interesting news about the California festival. Tinder tells us that the app usage ricocheted up to 300% in Palm Springs and Idio during Coachella, compared to the weekend before. And that’s only on the first weekend! Coachella, in all its glamour and glory, is a hot-bed of twentysomething singles looking, if not for a hookup, then to meet someone interesting. Given Coachella’s sheer size and grandeur, it’s great place to meet different people from varied backgrounds.



2. TomorrowWorld

The ‘DreamVille’ campsite of TomorrowWorld features shops, food vendors, and a number of other activities. Campers can also participate in morning yoga classes, workout classes, and (drum roll, please) speed-dating. For the thousands of single millennials, looking for a good time with no strings attached, speed-dating at festivals may just be the answer to it all. All of the non-music activities take place in front of ‘The Gathering’ stage. These activities are made to be extremely interactive and inclusive. For example, the fitness front of these activities include fuse yoga, pilates, zumba, etc. A more recent feature – Speed-dating allows attendees to meet new people near the aforementioned stage. If you’re looking for a fellow music enthusiast or just someone to talk to, this is your go-to spot. Besides, with the plethora of immersive activities TW offers, it will be easy to find common ground with the person you want to get to know better.




3. Lightning In A Bottle

LIB is known for its well-roundedness, with a plethora of activities for all kinds of festival goers. And even though the music is the prime attraction and center of focus, the scope of the festival doesn’t end there. Not only does the festival have an incredible musical and art line-up but plenty of immersive activities where which will allow you to meet people with a diverse range of interests. Also, if you do happen to find someone of your liking, the festival hosts couples yoga workshops, which is always a fun thing to explore with someone new. For the lovers of electronic music, interactive art, camping and a vibrant progressive community, LIB is the place for you.




4. Mardi Gras

The sheer level of nudity debauchery could give the likes of Burning Man and Kazantip a run for their money. Whether you like it or not, this festival comes with an influx of nudity and brazenness that has a certain charm of its own. A good part of Mardi Gras is all about beer, beads and boobs, and amidst all the hedonism, are the people who come here to let loose, and hope for a chance meeting with a beautiful stranger. If you’re looking to meet someone in a non-judgmental, and totally uninhibited environment, then this is your festival. Prepare for an insanely adventurous weekend in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. May the odds be ever in your favour!

(Source: Joel Carillet)


5. Omed-Omedan Kissing Festival

One of the strangest Balinese festivals out there, the omed-omedan festival, which literally translates to “pull, pull” is a quirky traditional festival. During this festival, thousands of Balinese locals gather for a mass-kissing ritual. The festival is held sometime in March, and it’s common for the young and single folk of the village to kiss in front of hundreds of townspeople while a bucket of water is poured over them – which is also part of the ritual. While this may not seem like the most conventional method to meet someone, it sure is fun.




6. Rio Carnival

While the Brazilian Carnival is historically four days long, it spirals to more days because of the endless street parties. In addition to the famous Samba Parade, the Carnival is marked by several famous balls, including the much sophisticated Marvelous City Balls, and even Gay Costume Balls that celebrate drag queens and cross-dressing. With a well-established air of all-inclusiveness and – fundamentally – fun, this carnival has several events where you will get the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. In fact, one of more infamous traditions of the Carnival is the kissing crown, where men and women hit up raucous street parties to compete for the most number of kisses. If you’re up for some friskiness, we suggest you head to Rio this year.

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7. St. Valentine’s Festival

This one may seem a tad bit obvious, but can you blame us? While the entire world celebrates this holiday in their own way, it’s a social and cultural gathering in Basilica di San Valentino, in Terni, Italy. This was St. Valentine’s hometown, and to this day, the folk of the town celebrate Valentine’s Day with splendour and love. We’re sure that many hopeful singles will be at the festival, which in itself is a grand affair, so tuck in your misconceptions about Valentine and head to Italy.